DMT has over the years helped a great deal in influencing many beliefs of people, numerous cultures and traditions have been seen to have been affected by this psychedelic substance. many suggested that DMT affected much of their cultures positively. People that have consumed DMT gave testimony of how it offers a high level of spiritual experiences. Many who are very religious, said it allows them to gain insights into spiritual things that they have never imagined. With all these developments, one might want to ask if these stories about DMT and other psychedelics are truly influencing the manner of thinking of the western religion of this dispensation.

A trained psychologist who schooled at Stanford, but now teaches at a university in Jerusalem suggested that there is a good probability that Moses in the story above had had DMT at one point in his life. This has probably been faulted by many because many thought this statement is unfounded and had no scientific basis for its explanation. More explanation was written on this, visit our website to know more

DMT as a foundation for religion

Sharon gave this theory out of his encounter with Ayahuasca which is said to be very rich in DMT. Ayahuasca is a brew that people have used for entheogenic reasons and practices. Other ingredients required to make this brew aside from DMT are said to be adequately available in another nearby forest known as the Near East. Peganum harmala and Acacia tree are other ingredients needed for this recipe and when all of these come together, you have your MAOI and DMT concoction ready. When these two concoctions are consumed, the result is a very profound hallucinogenic experience that humans have ever known. The mix generally contains the same components for both ayahuasca and DMT.

Shanon believed that with the aid of these strong hallucinogens, coupled with the heights of reverence and piety with which they handled these substances, ancient holy men just have employed its use in getting closer to God. It is not stated, nor was it evident that Moses consumed such hallucinogenic compounds to talk to God. But, those religious preparations that were outlined in the exodus resemble those that early people that engaged in ayahuasca use practiced before its use.

The question to now ask Shanon is when exactly was Moses under the effects of DMT? Shanon responded by saying that Moses probably used it when he was with God in the burning bush. And another time when he was on Mount Sinai to receive the ten commandments. Shanon said further during a radio program that; Shanon described the event that happened to Moses on Mount Sinai with God as either a cosmic event or a legendary event or finally as an event that happened under the effects of narcotics. I don’t believe any of his explanations of this event, no, not for once.

He went further in his description of all of Moses’ experiences with the divine as what people who use ayahuasca feel and experience. he related the event that the Holy Book says about the people of Israel description of the radiance seen on Moses’ face as something common to people after using ayahuasca. He said a glowing or shining face is also part of the effects of ayahuasca effects.

Maybe his outlines are true, but many parts of this theory are said to be very porous. A very palpable one is that of the assertion he made about some two plants found in the near east which form major components in the brew. No study has shown this assertion to be true, meaning there is no factual basis for this assertiveness. Scientists said that these two plants had never been used as a hallucinogen nor have been proven to be capable of wielding hallucinogenic powers. If his suggestions were true, everyone would expect that there be proper and detailed documentation about it.

Many individuals who do not want to embrace the theological beliefs have also argued the fact that Moses ever existed. They said, everything that had to be about Moses, happened only in the books.

Despite the inadequacies of the theory, one could ask the question of whether the religious basis or foundation has anything to do with the DMT trip? That is a food for thought for everyone to debate. It has the potential of causing heated arguments in the time to come.


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