A quick look at the concept of out-of-body experience makes us know that it is a phenomenon that any individual can achieve when the person undergoes some practice. This phenomenon is also known as an astral projection by many. While many believe strongly in practice, others think it is something that happens naturally. People in the west used to hold on to the belief that when anyone displays this phenomenon, it must be a sign of a mental disorder, but some other cultures saw it as the way of life for the shaman. However, for this dispensation, it is wholly normal and natural for anyone to display an-out- body experience. As an implication, it shouldn’t be seen as a sign of mental abnormalities as it had been viewed in the stone age. In addition, it causes no harm to anybody that displays it. DMT which is also known as Dimethyltryptamine is also regarded as a Spirit molecule by many who have developed a good feeling toward it. DMT is also seen as the most effective of all the psychedelics that are in circulation worldwide. Studies showed that humans naturally produce this substance in their pineal gland, but more evidence showed that plants have a significant amount of this hallucinogenic substance. ayahuasca is known to be a concentrated psychedelic broth made from DMT by shamans in Peru prepared. It was also discovered that there is an ancient forest in this area that is dominant in this psychedelic compound, DMT. Ethnobotanists have been baffled about how rich this forest is.

So, can we say there are some levels of interrelatedness between DMT and out-of-body experience? Let’s delve deeper into the realm of mystical experiences, maybe we will find some answers to our curious minds. Feed your curiousity by visiting our website at

What is an out-of-body experience?

Although an explanation of OOBE is simple, care must be taken because things could get complicated when performing it. Researchers arrived at a definition for OOBE after many myriads of people’s thoughts and reports were considered. Knowledge about this concept keeps growing daily, and that has made it possible for us to arrive at a consensus on how to craft one definition for it once and for all. OOBE has been experienced by a good number of people, but an incredible population of people have never come across it or ever heard about it. In about one century ago, some psychiatrists without adequate findings, went ahead to say that OOBE isn’t a good idea when it comes to promoting mental health, that was a very wrong notion. Alas, the advent of the internet has made it easier for people to connect and share their experiences, and this was able to push aside the earlier made wrong conclusion about this unusual concept called OOBE. Now, the world can understand how helpful and delightful this practice is.

OOBE has to do with getting out of your physical body and reaching out to the world around you. It creates a means of exploring nature by traveling far places in the world. The traveling part of this experience has been regarded as energy by many while others name it a soul. Some other schools of thought call the experience an astral projection, others say it is similar to that implied in remote viewing. Notwithstanding any definition you want to give it, the fact remains that, out-of-body experience is all about something thrilling.

Don’t mistake Out of body experience for lucid dreaming. Individuals in a lucid dream are capable of being in control of the dream, thereby having the awareness of what is happening.  In a lucid dream, the dream world can be easily manipulated as you wish. To go into a lucid dream experience, much practice isn’t required, but of course, some practice will do. In OOBE, what you see is that you explore the solid world by leaving your solid body. it is important to note here that some excellent happenings have been reported by people who had this experience, and they have also been confirmed to be true. We have instances of people who in the course of having OOBE got to the other side of the world and brought back some knowledge that had been earlier thought to be impossible to grasp.

We also have pieces of literature bordering on science, which has been able to tell us about patients who when suffering from chronic diseases and almost at the point of death, got into an OOBE state and came back with reports of copious details about their surroundings. We’ve also seen people who while under strong sedation in the operating room came back to consciousness and were able to vividly narrate what transpired in their environment while they were under anesthesia. We’ve found these events to be highly intriguing. By extension, some individuals were even capable to describe what was going on in the adjacent rooms to them. All of these are pointing to a common ground everyone of them describes their visual experience according to what their view was from a floating level.

The pineal gland

Peradventure the foregoing hasn’t been thrilling enough, anticipate this one that’s coming. It is no longer a piece of news that the human brain is a seat of wonders, so much that in the middle of it is a small organ which many know just a little about. The pineal gland hasn’t been fully explored, therefore its purpose isn’t fully known to the entirety of humans. Virtually all traditions and cultures of the world refer to a third eye; this isn’t entirely understood, as some religious concepts hold that this third eye is quite invisible, but wields special powers from its position at the back of the forehead. They believe it gives us the ability to envision and to be able to look into the future and allows us to see and speak to spirits. Many descriptions have been given to it; the Hindus for example call it the entrance to reaching more profound realm of the mind. The Taoists say it is the energy center that helps us maintain balance and attain consciousness in the universe.

It will interest you to know that many reptiles and amphibians have a phylogenetic type of pineal body that we humans have. Another name it’s called in these creatures is the parietal eye, and it is said to be very light sensitive. This parietal eye helps these aquatic lives to sense light in their surroundings. For instance, lampreys, salamanders, sharks, and some others have this amazing organs in them. Science has shown us that the tuatara lizard possesses a retina and a very small lens in its pineal eye. Whenever the question of how our ancient scientists came about this pineal eye is emphatically puzzling. So, recent studies and reports show that DMT is being synthesized in the pineal gland. These theories show that three periods of life are when DMT is at its peak level; when we are born, during dreaming, and at the point of death. So, the question of if a near-death experience is capable of triggering OOBE comes to mind.

The effects of DMT on the body

It is known that DMT can’t be consumed orally by itself, which explains why the mysteries behind ayahuasca. It’s also mystical to understand how the natives of America got the idea of mixing monoamine oxidase inhibitors with DMT to make it possible to be orally effective in the human body. One would understand that a copious knowledge of biology and chemistry would be a prerequisite for a possible mixing given that a vast amount of plant species of DMT exist.

Smoking DMT almost produces an immediate onset of hallucination or psychedelia, although very brief. Coming back to your normal or conscious state feels like you have just woken up from a very long, but restful slumber. The hallucinogenic effects can be very profound, but a more mystical experience is quickly cut short due to the very short duration of action. This time brevity hinders further introspection and refreshing of the soul. The experience makes you feel like you are being pulled out and launched to another realm or dimension. It feels like your existence in this new realm isn’t obeying the laws of physics. To know more about this, click here

 Humans have not yet developed the right language that can be used to describe what the real experience is. We can as well say that more appropriate or convincing answers still need to be sought out for the exact way that DMT uses in interacting with the body.

Is DMT capable of causing OOBE?

Going by a pragmatic approach, the answer is no, but looking at it entheogenically, yes. DMT is an endogenous substance that needs to be ingested or smoked to access its hallucinogenic ability. Consuming DMT will launch you out of your body as if you are launching a rocket into space. Then, you begin to explore your ways around places and spaces you wouldn’t if you were sober. To attain or reach these higher dimensions, your body has to be left behind while your mind or soul goes about exploring. The cosmos gets explored when your physical being lies down. So, you see, it is about a matter of an ‘’ body experience.’’ When talking about OOBE, it is not really about a psychedelic experience, but it is purely a natural thing meaning it doesn’t you don’t need any chemicals.

It is expected from a professional Psychonaut to have the mastery of the familiarity or synergy that exists between DMT, OOBE, and lucid dreaming. There are some levels of connections somehow between them.


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