Pick Your Setting

It is advisable to consume magic mushrooms for the first time in a familiar and comfortable environment, preferably in your own living room or bedroom. You can create a cozy setup that complements your experience by finding the best place to sit and keeping essential items within reach, such as a remote control, a bottle of water, and a journal. Adding pillows and blankets can also enhance your comfort level.

While taking shrooms at a friend’s place is possible, it’s important to choose a location that you know and trust. Make sure your friend informs you of any off-limits areas or rules during your trip.

It’s not recommended to consume shrooms in a public place for the first time, as it could lead to a potentially unpleasant situation, especially if you’re not familiar with their effects. Magic mushrooms can sometimes cause anxiety, and worrying about others knowing that you’re impaired can make it worse.

Find a Trip Sitter

For your first time doing shrooms, it’s not advisable to take them alone. The experience can be intense and profound, and you may feel unlike yourself. Therefore, it’s recommended to invite a trip sitter, such as a trusted friend, to oversee your magic mushroom journey and ensure your safety and mental wellbeing while you’re in an altered state.

A trip sitter can be helpful in distinguishing between hallucinations and reality, and they can assist you with tasks such as retrieving items from another room while you’re tripping on the ground.

Curate Your Mindset & Intentions

Before trying magic mushrooms, it’s important to ensure that you’re in a positive emotional state. Negative emotions such as stress, anger or depression can impact your experience, so consider meditating or journaling to address any negative emotions or plan your trip for another day when you’re in a better frame of mind.

It’s also important to determine why you want to use mushrooms, as this will guide your experience. Some individuals take psilocybin to learn about themselves or heal, while others just want to have fun. Whatever your reason, make sure to set intentions and plan accordingly.

Spend some time reflecting on what you hope to gain from the experience to better prepare for the journey.


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