It all began from the beginning, about 10,000 B.C.E when man first began to ingest fungi. some research carried out showed that man’s consumption of mushrooms started off the moment humans evolved from their ancestors, the ape. So, these studies suggested that started to consume these psychoactive shrooms since then. Since it has shown also that these plants grow on every soil of all the continents of all the world, so it is safe to say that every man in that time in space must have had a taste of these plants species. The early dwellers all over the world had to expand from being forest dwellers to being savanna dwellers, so they must stumble on psilocybin-containing mushrooms and ate these substances. Gradually, these substances began a very crucial part of the evolutionary trends, and they found their way into being a nice recipe on many occasions then. More is available bout psilocybin history, visit us to learn more

One hypothesis made by Terence Mckenna titled the stoned ape hypothesis,’’ this hypothesis states that psilocybin must have been a major reason for the evolution of humans in nature. This hypothesis of this researcher became so widely accepted and promoted by many that came about it at that time. It went further to establish that the doubling of the brain size of the human was also a result of cooking psilocybin shrooms. She described this doubling as one that took place within a very short time, leading to the massive increase in the development of technology, and many other cultural benefits these substances offer. Spiritual experiences and prowess in language ability have also been noted to be other benefits one gains from consuming psychedelic substances. Psilocybin also has a way of activating the cells of the brain which leads to stimulating better functioning of the networks of the brain.

Psychedelics and civilization

Over thousands of years ago, tribal people in their various societies were known to employ the use of magic mushrooms for different therapeutic purposes. They used them as a means of therapy for treating different kinds of mental illnesses. Psychedelics were also seen to be very important in performing spiritual activities in many cultures of the world at that time. magic mushrooms were commonplace in the cultures of the Mayans and also the Aztecs. The people belonging to the ancient India is popularly known as the Vedic people found magic mushrooms to be quite resourceful in their rituals. The Romans and the Egyptians were also discovered to love using these substances when carrying out their traditions, especially the civilians among them. Certain indigenous tribesmen of Siberia were known to involve psychoactive compounds in their cultural ceremonies. It was even found out that their shamans used what is called the ‘’fly agaric mushrooms’’ as a means to enter into what they referred to as the spiritual world. All kinds of humorous songs were composed and sung by these people during their cultural practices, many of which were discovered to be under the influence of psychedelics. Do you want to explore further, click here

Mushrooms in the era of modernization

Stanislav Grof, a researcher in the 1950s tried researching the concept of the symptoms or the effects of magic mushrooms. This process was what sprang up the modernization of psychedelics. This researcher tried several times, but experienced a good number of failures until he finally concluded that psilocybin mushrooms are non-specific triggers of psychedelic experiences. His theory went further to explain that the two most important determinants of an individual experience are shaped by his personality and the situation surrounding his trip.

R. Gordon Wasson was the first person to introduce the concept of magic mushroom. This banker and ethnomycologist gave the introduction in 1955. He was able to do that after he had had a psychedelic substance when he traveled to meet a woman of medicine in Mexico. After his psychedelic experience, he had his experience written down and got it published in a magazine for public consumption. The outset of 1960 came with a counterculture where many authorities felt that magic mushrooms were threat to the system going on then, so they decided to stop any activity that had to do with promoting these substances. they were able to completely bring everything to silence in 1971 when the United Nations banned all psychedelic drugs. This movement was led by Richard Nixon under the label ‘’war on drugs.’’ It should be noted that this act was a result of unfounded findings made after carrying out biased research, so the ban led to the passing of the controlled substance act.

But today, many records have been opened up, and it was discovered that magic mushrooms have been in use for about 7000 years ago, long before humans could imagine it to be even true. Many archeologists have dug up much notable pieces of evidence from the Sahara forest supporting the long-time use of magic shrooms in the stone age time. other evidence shows that many ancient men and women had even put these substances to use during the time of prehistoric art. So, it can be emphatically said that magic mushrooms have been a good part of our culture and traditions, and they have immensely imparted to our culture and greatly given us an expanded mindset about life.

The future for magic mushrooms

The moment psilocybin gets legalized, the next issue we want to discuss is how these substances will be made available to all and sundry. Access to these psychedelic compounds must be to every one, since they have been proven to be very effective in treating many mental disorders. The situation at present about their legalization is still under scrutiny, so it is better to still consider them illegal to avoid penalization. The only reliable and easiest way to get your magic shrooms is the online, but this means still has its peculiar risks. All of this points to the reason why we all should hope that their legalization pulls through because that’s the only way to better sensitization which can guarantee  safe consumption. Magic mushrooms are being grown in different regions of the world by several enthusiasts and this action will continually make it possible for their sustained availability. 


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