Mescaline numbers among other few hallucinogens that occur naturally, for instance, DMT and psilocybin. We also have the alkaloid which is present in a good percentage of cactus species of plants. Many species of cactus plants that contain mescaline are available in nature, and five of these plant species will be discussed in detail here

Mescaline cacti are positioned among the pantheon of a group of plants called entheogenic plants or fungi present in some habitats of the world. These plants come along with Banisteriopsis caapi and also the psilocybin mushrooms. Among the numerous mescaline-containing cactus found in the world, peyote happens to be the most famous. They have been discovered to have a high ability to produce psychedelic effects when consumed. This is a result of the phenethylamine alkaloid that is present in them, which makes them be able to fit well into the different cultural, recreational, and religious practices of the world. Note that mescaline is also a very strong hallucinogenic, but LSD has more potency than mescaline does. You should learn more about mescaline, click here

Effects of mescaline

There are several advantages that consuming mescaline does to the human body. it alters the thinking patterns and the pattern of making judgments, it also alters perceptions, and also has certain physical effects like dizziness, motor coordination difficulties, and finally pupil dilation. Its psychedelic experience can sometimes be described to be that of euphoria, pleasure, illumination, and even visual changes. At the same time, mescaline can also make one feel anxious. It initiates all its effects after it has bound to almost all the serotonin receptors that are available in the brain.

PEYOTE (Lophophora Williamsii): the sacred one

Peyote has been in use for a long period, and it is said that many ancient people used it in various cultural practices. The natives of Mescalero, Tonkawa, and the Lipan Apache people identified it as a living god for a minimum of 5,700 years. This cactus is grown because of its good entheogenic use. It can grow to the height of 3-7cm and has a diameter of about 5-11cm. as it grows, it develops aesthetic pink or white-colored flowers that have either yellow or red tones which you will see open most of the time during the day.

SAN PEDRO (Echinopsis Pachanoi): the classic

This species of cactus is formerly known as Tirchocereus pachanoi. It got its name from one region around the mountain of Peru and even those in Ecuador at the altitudes of about 2200-3000meters.  This species is significantly different from peyote when you want to talk about the size and the speed of growth.  It can reach a very great height of about 28-40 cm every year, with diameters of about 7-15cm. San Pedro has been known to evolve from a very dry and harsh environment, so it has developed adaptation for every habitat.


Echinopsis happens to be a very famous genus in the family of cactus, which has a record of over 2000 years of use by the stone age shamans, who used it for several ritual purposes. Just a little amount of these cactus has the testimony of sending evil spirits out of an individual and allowing the good ones to stay. So, Echinopsis zamnesiana is a modern-day variant of echinopsis genus of cactus. This cactus has immense psychoactive substance which allows it to produce a thrilling psychedelic experiences. Another good side to this group of cactus is that it is very easy to grow because it doesn’t require expansive maintenance during its growth process. Do you want to know more about how to buy shrooms Canada, learn more here

LOPHOPHORA DECIPIENS (also known as faster-growing peyote)

It used to be under L. williamsii, but has now been seen as a species of its own entirely. Though, it still shares similar characteristics with L. williamsii. L. decipiens is loved because it produces quite large plants more quickly as others. This is one major reason why growers and users of psychedelics prefer it to some other species of cactus.


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