The media men at VICE have just broadcast another video clip about a drug known as 5-MEO-DMT.’’ This drug happens to be a very potent hallucinogen that has ever been identified by man. This psychedelic compound is regarded as a thrilling drug that has all the strength it needs to trigger psychedelic experiences and also helps immensely in the medical world.

Traditional Use of 5-MEO-DMT

Much hasn’t been heard about the Sonora desert found in Mexico until when it was discovered that 5-MEO-DMT came out from there. It was found out that a species of toad named Bufo Alvarius uses that habitat as its home, and this toad is said to produce an immense amount of this substance inside its body. They also said that the natives of this area have been using this drug for various purposes since they discovered it.

VICE’s Investigation

Quite an amazing thing were discovered about this psychedelic substance when researchers went there to explore this gift that nature has blessed the inhabitants of Sonora with. It was later realized that 5-MEO-MDT is the most effective of all hallucinogens ever known. They also got to know that the toad that produces this compound is widely distributed all over Sonora. When VICE had some reporters go there, deeper studies were made about this drug and it became evident that this drug has an incredible amount of purposes it can serve. Buy shrooms online by clicking here


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