Will Consuming Weed and magic mushrooms offer you your dream psychedelic trip, or ruin your experience?

It is expedient that we give an overview of both classes of drug, we can now go ahead into saying whether mixing both of them when taking psychedelic substances is either good or bad. We will also explain why the mix of the two isn’t good for human health. The usual practice among people that take cannabis and psychoactive compounds is that they take the two in a combined state. Many outlines about how to correctly take magic shrooms are available if you buy shrooms online. Click here to buy your magic shrooms online https://deadheadchemist.com/


Cannabis is a generic name for various weeds that exist in the world of weed users, so providing an answer to the effects of cannabis could prove to be a very dicy one because of the complex nature of this category of drugs. Different varieties of weeds have different varieties of effects. The popular modern weed variety we have are now seen to be of hybrid form, that is, there is a kind of common ground between the Sativa strains and the Indica strains. We also have those that are called CBDs, these are known as cannabinoids, that is, they are purely cannabis (they do not have any form of psychoactive effects in them, just therapeutic). The amount of effects of Cannabis you get depends on the strain type, the quantity of cannabinol, and how much cannabis you consume. So, we describe cannabis’ effects as euphoric, mellowing, relaxing, energizing, or stimulating. That cannabis that have a higher degree of Sativa are expected to have more energizing effects, and also help you to socialize more while the Indica strains are known to help you relax more. We define being cannabis high as a state where you start to feel differently when your sensory perceptions start to get altered. During this level in your experience, colours get brighter, music sounds more beautiful, and you get more humorous. There are some levels of parallels between cannabis and most psychoactive compounds, that is, users may start to have some disturbing thoughts as also seen with psychedelics. Remember that cannabis leverages the type of mood you bring into it.

Magic mushrooms

Typically, magic mushrooms make their users feel like some levels of energy are moving around their body, especially in their muscles and chest. Many reported beginning to feel that they have thought clarity, most of which they stated to come outside of their thought process. Also, you begin to have visual changes which are more like you’re hallucinating, yet you are not in the oblivion of the hallucination. Some individuals have reported that they have a reduced appetite for food, and also feel like they can’t get to sleep as they want to. this is more reason why you should try to prepare well for shrooms’ trip before going on one. Having a bottle of water within your reach whenever you are having a psychedelic trip is very important to make sure you do not get dehydrated in the course of tripping. Also, make sure you situate yourself in an environment where your safety can be guaranteed for the entire time you’ll spend on your psychedelic journey.


Cannabis and psychedelics share a lot of things in common, from altering the user’s thought process to how the person perceives his or her environment. They both stimulate thought creativity when used by individuals. Cannabis and psychedelic compounds cause increased feelings of humour and joy, and also help the users to appreciate arts and nature. There are some downsides to them, which every user should know about for the benefit of users gaining knowledge of them, to know what should be expected and what they shouldn’t. however, the two classes of substances are said to enhance whatever mood you have in the background.

Combination of the two

The good parts of it

Combining these two substances certainly have both advantages and disadvantages. The number one and overall outcome you’ll notice is that in between the two substances, mushrooms have the greatest dominance. The user tends to feel more of the psychedelic effects than the cannabis effects. This discovery helps you to know which cannabis you would want to choose alongside your psychedelic substance because you wouldn’t want them to compete, but to complement each other’s effects. Choosing a sativa strain to be combined with your magic mushrooms enables you to have your journey directed towards a positive course, and also makes it possible for you to have your hallucinations more surreal. Use the right proportion of the two substances, and you can be sure to have a pleasant experience.

Not too good things

It is important that when in a not-too-good experience, you should endeavor to have water very close to you to be able to navigate yourself around it. Be aware that you having cannabis in your mushroom can make the trip more confusing for you. Things could go out of hand, when a lot of confusion throws you into chaos. In this circumstance, your dream of having an enjoyable experience turns into a nightmare. With cannabis in your psychedelic broth, you’ll need to be more careful to not turn a great expectation into a shattered dream. But with mushrooms, the result has always been clear and amazing experiences. What can be very disappointing is to have what was supposed to be a delightful experience change into a dread with the involvement of cannabis. It is generally recommended that you don’t start with cannabis, do away with it at first. You can do well to save it for future use, but not early in the experience. it is even better to steer clear from it if you are a starter because it could trigger challenging experiences, and in worst cases, chaos if not quickly managed.

Should you mix or not

The answer is more of a personal thing, and if you have decided to mix the two, make sure to use a sativa strain. The reason for this judgment is because sativa strain has reduced THC content which will enable you to have a controlled psychedelic experience. Combining sativa cannabis can offer you a good number of nice and smooth effects on your trip. But mind that if you don’t do it with most care and you don’t pay attention to the slightest thing, you could end up having dark times which h will result in you having a pretty less productive psychedelic trip.

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