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How To Safely Microdose Magic Mushrooms.

How To Safely Microdose Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin, a hallucinogenic tryptamine chemical found in over 180 mushroom species, is a tryptamine. A more significant number of strains within each species improves the environment with various sorts, weights, and potencies, all of which interact with your physiology and psychological makeup. Dosing mushrooms can be difficult, but with the guidance of prior mycologists, researchers, […]

History of Psilocybin Mushrooms

History Of Psilocybin

It all began from the beginning, about 10,000 B.C.E when man first began to ingest fungi. some research carried out showed that man’s consumption of mushrooms started off the moment humans evolved from their ancestors, the ape. So, these studies suggested that started to consume these psychoactive shrooms since then. Since it has shown also […]

Is Mixing Weed And Magic Shrooms A Good Practice?

Mixing Weed And Magic Shrooms

Will Consuming Weed and magic mushrooms offer you your dream psychedelic trip, or ruin your experience? It is expedient that we give an overview of both classes of drug, we can now go ahead into saying whether mixing both of them when taking psychedelic substances is either good or bad. We will also explain why […]

What are the things you must do to have a safe psychedelic trip?

Safe Psychedelic Trip

Magic mushrooms or Psilocybin-containing shrooms are examples of psychedelic compounds which are regarded as a polyphyletic group of fungi meaning they are derived from different ancestral sources. Psilocybin is hallucinogenic in effects and they produce psilocin upon ingestion. LSD and psilocybin are almost the same when it comes to their psychedelic trip, but there is […]

How Recent Psychedelic Research Is Showing Huge Potential

Psychedelic Research

Psychedelic researchers are working to discover all the possible side effects and benefits that the therapeutic use of psychedelics like DMT, MDMA, LSA, and LSD come with. The doctors who treat patients using psychedelics do that with strict supervision, and the patient is kept in a secure facility and under the care of the medical […]