N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is popularly known as DMT is not much of a stranger in the growing circle of psychedelic substance users. Often mentioned in the same breath as psychedelics such as cannabis, magic mushrooms, LSD (1P-LSD), Cannabinoid, CBD, etc. These are substances that are widely acknowledged for have effects ranging from the mild enhancement of mental or cognitive functions to rather intense hallucinogenic effects. These compounds are extracted from plants while some may be found in animals. There are different active chemical agents in each substance that makes it exert psychedelic effects with various intensities at different dosages. The psychedelic effects of each one differ from another due to this active ingredient.

DMT occurs as a tryptamine drug that occurs in plants.DMT is in fact the active ingredient in ayahuasca. It has been in existence since ancient times and has been used across different cultures for spiritual and recreational purposes. As a result of its more intense hallucinogenic effects, it is popularly known as the spirit molecule. It opens up the mind of the user to a deeper realm of sensitivity and reality. It is not well known among other psychedelics, say, magic mushrooms, cannabis, LSD which have become quite commonplace. Its effects are may also not last as long as trips on other types of psychedelic substances and products. This means that its effects are brief but maybe exceedingly intense, produce real visuals (at least to the user) as well as enhance an auditory hallucinatory experience.

The use of DMT directly is prohibited in most countries of the world. However, like other psychedelics, it is approved for use under legal use as prescribed by physicians in Canada. The use of raw DMT in any form is not encouraged and in some cities, it is illegal to produce, trade, or distribute the substance. It was banned in some countries because it is relatively easy to abuse since it usually exists as a drug and people tend to exceed the safety levels for the use of the drugs. Researchers have dived deep into discovering the more relevant ways to use DMT alongside other psychedelics, this would help secure the approval of regulatory bodies such as the DEA and the FDA. While this is ongoing in those countries, people have found a use for the drug in realizing an awakening or embarking on deep spiritual journeys.

Using DMT

Usually, DMT occurs in powder white crystalline form and its source plants are known to originate from Mexico, South America, and some parts of Asia. There are various ways to use and enjoy it.

  1. It may be injected or inhaled in powder form. The danger here is that excessive amounts of it are injected or inhaled directly into the body. This direct exposure may cause the drug’s effects to kick in rather quickly and lead to an intense trip which may prove too tough to handle.
  2. It may also be brewed as a tea. The substance is added to water and left to heat up. The hot mixture is left to simmer and cool down before measured portions of the brew are taken at intervals.
  3. It can also be smoked in a pipe. If you love the good old pipe-smoking style, you can enjoy a healthy dose of the substance that way too. Smoke as much as you can take and at your own pace.

Vaporization is the next best thing in this generation. The use of vapes to ingest psychedelics is becoming rather popular. While multiple safe ways of using DMT, the use of vapes has proven to be a more effective way to use DMT and other psychedelics at lower dosages. The DMT vapes remain one of the most viable products in our products catalog that users find most enjoyable. Vapes are commonly used as e-cigarettes for enjoying minimal amounts of nicotine without any debilitating effects. It could also be a useful tool in microdosing safe levels of a particular substance. DMT fits the bill of a substance whose usage should be controlled and DMT vapes come with an easily exhaustible dose of the active ingredient. This dose is just enough to kickstart a mild trip of the DMT on the user without any of the more intense hallucinogenic effects that the drug is known to cause.

Scientists have shown that DMT naturally is awfully similar to the anti-migraine medicine known as sumitrapin. It operates as a non-selective agonist on the serotonin receptors which is linked to most of the brain cells and the nerve system. Thus even the slightest amount of it can initiate a reaction of nerve impulses that will trigger desirable or undesirable effects in the user. Therefore, care has to be taken in taking any form of the drug inactive form. What can be a pleasurable experience can swiftly turn into a harrowing one.

The average dose of DMT is pegged at about 30 or more milligrams (mg). Its effects are almost immediate at any dose. Its biggest trip is felt at about three to five minutes into the action and it may drop off after about 30 minutes. Thus, it is one of the easiest to use vape products. If you are looking to take a puff of the DMT vape and experience a moderate psychedelic effect within 30 minutes of ingesting it and then getting right back into your activities for the day with renewed vigor and a degree of openness that you never had before using the DMT vapes.

Testaments from users of DMT vapes showed us that there are multiple beneficial effects to be enjoyed from enjoying DMT through the vapes. The common reports show that while taking raw DMT or in excess, users experienced intense visual hallucinations, euphoria, loss of reality, or time warp. However, compared to psychedelics like magic mushrooms, LSD; is preferred because it has the least side effects. Users of DMT vapes have reported several good effects and some of them are:

  1. It brings a sense o peace into the soul and body
  2. The body is placed into a good mode of relaxation
  3. The user feels more positive
  4. It enhances the ability to understand things and people as well
  5. It enhances focus and concentration
  6. It wiles away negativity and inspires happiness
  7. It improves perception
  8. It boosts energy and may cause users to be hyperactive

Uncontrolled use of DMT in any form may lead to

  1. Aggravated heartbeat
  2. Raised blood pressure
  3. Periodical chest pain or constriction of heart muscles
  4. Restlessness
  5. Pupil dilation
  6. Rapid eye movement
  7. Dizziness
  8. Nausea

Where can I buy DMT vapes?

While DMT is uncommon, there are several platforms in which you can procure DMT. There are legal means f buying it even on the internet and one of such is the deadhead chemist website/online store. At deadhead chemist, you can obtain DMT vapes and other DMT containing products that are pure and safe to use in safe doses. One of the dangers of buying DMT at unregistered sources is the fact that you can obtain an adulterated form of it there. This could mean that you do not enjoy the true effect of the drug or your experience negative effects that may otherwise prove to be detrimental. Certified vendors tend to have legal backing and certified health personnel who ensure the healthy administration and prescription of DMT products to buyers.

Who can use DMT vapes?

DMT like other psychedelics should not be recommended to patients on antidepressants because it could lead to even greater implications for the patient. Our on seat health expert will take care to ask questions pertaining to the previous health records and medication history of any and all buyers of DMT vapes or any other product. It is noted that the abuse of DMT vapes can happen and thus it is not up for sale to anyone below the age of 19 years. Buyers should ensure that they stay within the legal age boundaries allowed by law to avoid complications and health complications. DMT vapes are not recommended for users that are under age or anyone with a history of using antidepressants for good reason.

Other benefits of using DMT vapes

Using DMT vapes is a more convenient way than smoking or brewing. The vape can help reduce the possible odor that it gives since the vape comes in various flavors ranging from flowery to fruity flavors for the enjoyment of the users.

It also reduces the chances of users enduring the more intense hallucinatory effects associated with other means of using the substance such as in crystalline form, smoking, or injecting. Its positive effects are also placed nearly on the same level as those of psilocybin products. Using DMT vapes is one good way to avoid the excess consumption of the substance. Excessive use must be avoided at all costs by those who may be unable to cope with it.


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