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Sour Amnesia Haze Sativa

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Sour Amnesia Haze is a powerful and perfect sativa strain to start your day with a smile. It is a perfect blend of Sour Diesel and Amnesia Haze. It has an earthy, floral aroma and flavour. Medical consumers report that the strain is their favorite medicine for treating stress, depression, pain, fatigue, lack of appetite.

Sativa strains are popular is usually more uplifting and energizing, making it a great choice for a daytime or afternoon smoke. Sativa’s are most commonly used for daytime pain relief. Shop today at Deadhead Chemist’s Indica Collection for premium indica strainssativa strains, and hybrid strains.


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G

5 reviews for Sour Amnesia Haze Sativa

  1. Johnson

    The results of this pressure are among the best I’ve ever experienced; I was calm, articulate, stress-free, and remarkably cheerful. It took my sadness away like a curtain being lifted as I exhaled. Excellent smoke

  2. Abel Calvin

    The tastes were beautiful, and you could tell this was something special long before you tasted it. I would strongly recommend this strain to everyone, particularly those suffering from anxiety, as I am incredibly susceptible to something that could trigger paranoia or anxiety. This pressure made me feel like I was a yogi on Valium or something. 10/10.

  3. Maria

    I’m an Indica kid, so I was looking for where I could get this material. I found a deadhead chemist and ordered it; it was shipped on time, and when I opened the envelope, the bud looked amazing. Frosty and heavy, but not too dense or crusty. The fragrance was really intriguing. It’s more like eating orangey, citrusy, or lime fruit. Really nice aroma!

  4. Patricia Dominic

    In the Sour American Haze, this is the most effective, powerful, and ideal cure I’ve discovered! I am grateful to my doctor for providing this medical therapy!

  5. Matias Peter

    It spreads across the entire body, giving you a gentle warmth and an improved feeling… It narrows your field of vision and enhances the colors surrounding you… Wonderful!

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