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Purple Haze Sativa

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Purple Haze is a heady sativa with cerebral effects. If anyone looking for a high energy cerebral stimulation then Purple Haze is your guy.

Sativa strains are popular is usually more uplifting and energizing, making it a great choice for a daytime or afternoon smoke. Sativa’s are most commonly used for daytime pain relief. Shop today at Deadhead Chemist’s Indica Collection for premium indica strainssativa strains, and hybrid strains.


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G

6 reviews for Purple Haze Sativa

  1. Lewis Nathan

    I am sure that this material is magical – colors and vibrations, every feeling was heightened – and the euphoria was so strong that I couldn’t believe it. I’ve now discovered a strain that can get me completely stoned.

  2. Robert Maze

    Really filling and didn’t give me the cravings. There was no anxiety or fear, just a pure cortical high… Excellent Strain highly suggested!

  3. Julian Harris

    I adore this stuff, this is one of the preferences because it lifts me up whenever I am feeling down!

  4. Levi Flynn

    “Incredible push, very heavy strain, very sociable and interactive for me.” It’s one of those highs when you recognize you live… it’s amazing.

  5. Lewis Mayer

    Charming and fantastic work from terrific folks! This is fantastic for relieving stress in my life! It helps me cope with foolish people around me and keep my cool when I’m doing this wonderful thing!

  6. Walter Bradley

    A most favorite at the moment! It has a unique scent and taste. The impact is instant and long-lasting. Delightful and consistent sensation, extremely motivating, and suitable for use with everyone. Definitely on the list of things to re-smoke.

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