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Acapulco Gold Sativa

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Acapulco Gold is is the world best known sativa strain with a flavour that is citrus, herbal, zesty. It will make you feel energetic, creative, uplifted after few hits.

Sativa strains are popular is usually more uplifting and energizing, making it a great choice for a daytime or afternoon smoke. Sativa’s are most commonly used for daytime pain relief. Shop today at Deadhead Chemist’s Indica Collection for premium indica strainssativa strains, and hybrid strains.


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G

6 reviews for Acapulco Gold Sativa

  1. jack Oliver

    What a strong pure breed! Because of its content, you’ll get a good strong feeling that lasts longer than most and won’t put you to sleep. Its healing properties are awesome in my opinion; arthritis pain and depression disappeared easily. Have this one as soon as you see it because it doesn’t last long and it doesn’t come around much! Keep the pure breed going, folks!

  2. Ivan Maddox

    This strain was incredible. To begin with, it looks and tastes awesome. The symptoms started almost instantly after I vaporized. My thoughts were transparent and focused, and I started to chatter. My mind was spinning, but I was able to keep up and was more concentrated. Strongly advised!

  3. Evan Aiden

    This seems to be an excellent choice for the daytime. I was feeling energized, so I wanted to dance. I was able to keep up with it absolutely, but I did have some bursts of laughing on jokes. I was ready for bed by the beginning of the evening and fell asleep feeling great. This is a fantastic loop, in my opinion.

  4. Albert Elliot

    With plenty of energy early in the evening and a very smooth and efficient descent, it lets you have a decent night’s sleep. It’ll take a few more tries for me to consider this a top variety, and if it’s consistent, I’d consider it to be one of my favorites. So far it’s a good high!

  5. Mike Kane

    I enjoy this Sativa-dominant strain’s flavor… It has greatly aided me in dealing with my stress and migraines… It’s wonderful to finally have medical therapy for my difficulties.

  6. Judah Xander

    You receive a beautiful, firm stone that will last longer than others and will not put you on the couch. Its therapeutic uses are great in my opinion!

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