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Goji OG #3 By Temple Family Hybrid

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Goji OG #3 has very powerful fruity sweet, earthy, and berry flavor taste. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain ideal for treating pain, stress, fatigue, depression.

Hybrid cannabis strains have both Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominate properties that provide a balanced high. Hybrids provide a strong Indica or Sativa euphoric effects depending on which strain. Shop today at Deadhead Chemist’s Indica Collection for premium indica strainssativa strains, and hybrid strains.


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G

6 reviews for Goji OG #3 By Temple Family Hybrid

  1. James Lee

    Smooth to burn, but gives a little knock flavor when finished. The flavor is smokey, earthy, and licorice-like. First, let’s talk about transparency. Allow the eating to begin; you’ll be hungry straight away after consuming this. That is fantastic! Strongly recommended!

  2. Alex Blake

    when my buddies told me it was a heavy high Not Really Anything!! In my honest yet modest view, this is the ultimate two-hitter quitter that hits you in every positive way imaginable. Quick, mental awareness, and happiness are reasons why I’ve been using this strain for the last two years or so and never been let down!!! Just grab it!

  3. Rupert Parker

    Goji O.G. is a one-of-a-kind combination. Feels pretty sweet… looks alright…very earthy… smokes FANTASTIC! This strain delivered an unusually strong blow. A refreshing break from the regular O.G. vibe. The high was powerful and instant. All the way to pain relief and sedatives.

  4. Reggie Seth

    This is the best appealing Sativa till now, because of my Insomnia I sometimes mix it with other blends like love potion… It is completely incredible! Unreal effects! Most recommended stuff!

  5. James Miles

    This presented me with both personal happiness and culinary enjoyment… I can’t wait to put it to good use!

  6. Jayleen Saul

    A well-balanced hybrid that provides a pleasant mood with enough energy to work all day without fatigue and also help in the treatment of melancholy and anxiety! A fantastic Protector!

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